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About Us

We A.K.Rand Are a company from Gaziantep, Turkey. We help import and export things and connect different places internationally. We create delicious food from around the world for people who love to cook and eat. We get the best ingredients from wheat fields and coffee plantations that smell good. We have many different products- oils, flours, spices, and sugars. We store important products like beans and rice, soft cotton, and strong threads. At A.K. Rand people from all over the world can enjoy delicious food and great service with a Turkish touch.

We A.K.Rand make sure our products taste good and are easy to use. Our big warehouses are very busy places where we collect, store, and get things ready for their supply. We will bring you delicious food or make your home more comfortable and stylish.

why Choose Us

We make different flavors and textures for you to enjoy at home. We get high-quality food and fabrics from international markets, like Turkish threads and Colombian coffee.

We never make you wait. We make sure your orders arrive quickly and fresh without compromising safety. You can use them for cooking or for feeling comfortable.

We only choose the best ingredients and materials, like grains which are harvested by the best methods and high-quality cotton fibers so you can feel the difference in every bite and every stitch.

With us, you can easily handle international supply. We will help you with customs and logistics, so you can enjoy the international food and cozy textiles.