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Welcome To A.K.Rand

We A.K.Rand can help you find lots of delicious food and beautiful fabrics in Gaziantep, Turkey. We trade and care about making things of the best quality, just like a delicious cup of coffee. We were established in 2020 and we usually import and export things, but we also design trendy and classic clothes. We also have special spices like cardamom, which make food taste really good in kitchens. At A.K.Rand make your life warm and cozy by using raw cotton to create soft fabrics. Our big warehouses are very busy because we store and prepare grains, beans, and threads for international supply.

We A.K.Rand, are a company that combines different tastes from around the world with Turkish passion. Also, our shelves have strong and beautiful threads that you can use to make stories or decorate your home.

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Our Services

Competitive Pricing:

Our prices are low, but our quality is still good. This means our customers get a good deal.

Exceptional Customer Service:

We believe to make customer satisfied so we help them quickly with any questions or query they have.

Rapid Delivery Service:

We are committed for rapid delivery and we make sure that our customers received thier supply on time.

Our happy customers


Hilpton Broad

A.K. Rand helped my business a lot by supplying Lentils and Beans for my business, and they were very budget-friendly. They not only helped me, but they also guided me through everything and I really suggest A.K. Rand to anyone who wants great service and excellent quality with supply and products.


Stive Philips

My customers really loved A.K. Rand's Ready-to-Eat products and the food tastes and quality are nice, and I don't have to do any preparation. Catering my events was very easy and my friends are happy, my business is running smoothly so I highly recommend them to another business owner for the best quality food.


James Carlo

A.K. Rand was very helpful with fabrics and cotton supply with excellent quality, with no issues or flaws. Also, their prices are really great and I make a lot more profit. They are very very helpful and fast. They completely changed my business in a very positive way. People should definitely go through them.

why Choose Us

We make different flavors and textures for you to enjoy at home. We get high-quality food and fabrics from international markets, like Turkish threads and Colombian coffee.

We never make you wait. We make sure your orders arrive quickly and fresh without compromising safety. You can use them for cooking or for feeling comfortable.

We only choose the best ingredients and materials, like grains which are harvested by the best methods and high-quality cotton fibers so you can feel the difference in every bite and every stitch.

With us, you can easily handle international supply. We will help you with customs and logistics, so you can enjoy the international food and cozy textiles.